Mr.Pramod jhanwar, is a consumer right activist. He was in electronics business from 1970 till 1982 and then moved to Udaipur. He did Mushroom cultivation here and then In the year of 1986, His article was published in the monthly magazine called “Dinman” on consumer and consumer movement. 

He realised that this field has very less organisations working in it. He felt the pain of a consumer who suffers the unfair trade practices of greedy sellers and manufacturers.

On 23rd October,1987, He set up Maruti Sewa Samiti, with the aim of helping people fight consumer exploitation. Today this organization has 500 members and they have helped more than 1 lakh consumers. 

He has been offering his services to suffering consumers free of cost for more than 35 years now. 


My Awards & Achievements

Governor of Rajasthan Award, 1992

In 1992, HE got recognized for doing extra-ordinary work towards consumer awareness,at the state level. The award was presented by M. Chinna Reddy,Governor of Rajasthan at that time, with an appreciation letter.

Jamnalal Bajaj Award, 2018

In 2018, He was awarded with the Jamnalal Bajaj award for constructive work. The award was presented by SBI chairperson at that time Mrs. Arundhatti Bhattacharya.

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Fight for consumer rights


My Services

consumer awareness sessions & workshops

An unaware consumer has 45% more risk of being cheated by greedy manufacturers and sellers. Get the knowledge of consumer rights and duties with the expert on the subject, Mr. Pramod Jhanwar.

consulting consumer complaints

Have you been cheated, or you have any complaints with any seller or manufacturer? Feel free to consult Mr. Pramod Jhanwar

legal Assistance

Want to file a case against a cheater or want any assistance on an ongoing court case? He will assist you with his experience.

Fight For Right Magazine

If you want to be member of our non-profit magazine or you would like to get your article printed in it then you can contact us or go to Maruti Sewa Samiti Website.

If you need any of the mentioned services then feel free to contact me.


What people say about me?

Mr. Pramod Jhanwar is is very good advocate and a better orator. When he visited my institute for a workshop on consumer rights, each and every student there got the hang of every detail he told. His selflessness makes his work even more amazing.
Seema Dwivedi
HOD, RMCS, College of Community and applied Sciences.
I have seen Pramod for atleast past 30 years but even today works with more energy than a 20 year old.

Also his initiative of Maruti Sewa Samiti is exceptional, the way He has worked selflessly for last 25 years makes him a true gem.
Sh Prakash Chandra Pagaria
Judgeurt Udaipur.
Pramod Sir has helped me numerous times. He helps people with amazing patience and humbleness.
He helped get a reimbursement from a Petrol Pump without even needing to undergo a court case. The procedure he told me got me justice.
Neetu Chopra
CEO, Nitanju Events and India
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